A criminal justice degree may be exactly what you need to get where you want to go. Have you ever considered a career with the U.S government securities department or in law enforcement? Perhaps you grew up playing cops and robbers and have decided that you really would like to become a police officer. Regardless of what particular field of law enforcement you are interested in, criminal justice schools offering a degree in a broad range of fields may provide you with exactly the education and training you need to jump start and advance your career.

Careers in Criminal Justice

A degree received from an accredited criminal justice school encompasses a broad range of career options. The curriculum offered covers a wide variety of fields within the criminal justice system, providing the student with a solid background and broad understanding of the field. A criminal justice degree will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities by implementing hands on experience and valuable knowledge that can only be gained from criminal justice schools. While there are an extremely large number of career and job opportunities for the individual who holds a degree in criminal justice, some of your options include:

Police Officer

Private Detective/Investigator

U.S Government Security

CIA Agent

Court Recorder



Crime Scene Investigator

Forensic Science


These are just a few of the fascinating career options available to you with a degree in criminal justice. The possibilities are almost never-ending. If you have ever considered, or even dreamed about, a career within the legal field, criminal justice schools can provide you with exactly the skills you need to make that dream come true.

Earning Potential with a Degree from Criminal Justice Schools

While the majority of positions within the criminal justice system are not likely to make you a millionaire, you can certainly earn a comfortable and satisfying income in whichever field you choose. Income and salaries will vary greatly depending upon your particular field of study, as well as individual skills and experience. The U.S Department of Labor has labeled the earning potential for individuals who hold a degree from criminal justice schools to be very good. Below are a few estimates of the possible pay range for just a few careers within the criminal justice system:

Estimated Pay Scale for Criminal Justice Careers

Police Officer: $35,000-$60,000

Detective or Investigator: $42,000-$80,000

Correctional Officer/Jailer: $27,000-$43,000

Loss Prevention Manager: $35,000-$50,000

Security Manager: $38,500-$61,000

Paralegal: $33,500-$53,000

FBI Agent: $53,000-$110,000

While these figures are not exact and may vary somewhat according to a number of circumstances, such as location and level of expertise, the earning potential for individuals holding degrees from criminal justice schools is currently very good and expected to rise. The broad range of available careers open to graduates of criminal justice schools can leave you with any number of exciting job and career opportunities. If you have ever dreamed of having a career in which you can help people, serve your community, state or even the country and maintain and respect the national justice system in the process, a criminal justice degree can help you begin your journey to a satisfying and rewarding career.