Discover a Calling at Criminal Justice Colleges

People all over the country want to feel protected and secure, no matter where they live or how old they are. This is why the field of criminal justice is so important. Individuals who work in the criminal justice system help ensure that law and order are maintained throughout the country. Because of this, a career in criminal justice will always be in demand, providing individuals with a worthwhile and satisfying career option.

To pursue a career in this field, interested individuals must look into criminal justice colleges. These schools have specially developed programs, designed to equip graduates with the knowledge, skill, and judgment they will need for a career in this demanding field. All criminal justice colleges will have unique programs, with various specialties available. Some of the more common options include criminal justice administration, organizational security management, law enforcement, criminal offenders, forensic science, and psychology. These programs will range in intensity from shorter associate degree programs to four year bachelor’s degrees or even advanced graduate level coursework.

All criminal justice colleges will develop distinctive curriculum, but any student enrolled in criminal justice colleges can expect to gain a strong foundation of the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. To this end, students in these programs will learn about laws and regulations, as well as the penalties and procedures for dealing with infractions of these laws. Students will also be exposed to other procedural knowledge, such as how to perform a legal search, how to determine proper jurisdiction, and how to utilize correct arrest protocol. Additionally, criminal justice colleges provide students with skills and techniques they may need on the job, such as investigative strategies and interrogation methods.

Students who successfully graduate from criminal justice colleges will be qualified for a number of jobs in the field of criminal justice. Obviously, graduates will be well equipped for a position in the police force, perhaps as an officer or detective. Graduates with more specialized degrees may also be prepared for other investigative positions, perhaps in the field of forensics or crime scene investigation. These positions are often available at various levels, starting with the city or county jurisdictions. However, individuals who hold a degree from criminal justice colleges can also look for work at the state or federal level as well.

Criminal justice colleges also prepare students for other security related positions. Some individuals may prefer to work for a private security company, which will provide security protection for clients on a contractual basis. Many larger corporations or organizations may have their own security opportunities, since some privately employ their own security details.

Individuals who graduate from criminal justice colleges can also look forward to stable long term salaries. For those who begin as a patrol officer, the base pay starts around 33,000 dollars but can climb all the way to 66,000 dollars. Those who hold the rank of sergeant can look forward to a starting pay of 50,000 dollars, while sheriffs and police chiefs may receive an annual paycheck of over 100,000 dollars.

Clearly, criminal justice colleges not only prepare students for a career, but a lifelong calling. Students who graduate from these programs are not just equipped to perform a job, but to improve their communities and the world at large.