So you’re about to get through your exciting tenure as a student of criminal justice, and about to embark upon a lifelong career in the field. There are many criminal justice careers and options for you to choose from, depending on your desired level of pay, whether you want to continue with your schooling, and what sort of position you see yourself filling. Whether you’re looking for a desk job, whether you want to be out on the streets, or whether you’re looking to do lab work, criminal justice careers are rewarding, lifelong, and lucrative.

Potential Career Paths

There are three major “types” of criminal justice career. You can work directly in the field of law enforcement, you can work in the court system, or you can work with a government agency. Any one of these career paths contains jobs of all sorts, from forensics investigator to patrol officer in law enforcement, from judge to social worker in the courts, from DEA enforcer to agency analyst in the government. Here’s a list of potential criminal justice careers that you might consider:

* Court Reporter

* Judge

* Paralegal

* Police Officer


* Legal Analyst

* Social Worker

* Legal Nurse Consultant

* Private Detective

* Forensics Lab Technician

* Corrections Officer

* and many more!


This is the part you’re waiting for. A career in criminal justice can reasonably net you anywhere from 20k to 60k a year depending on your level of education and the expertise needed for the job. For instance, social workers and security guards make closer to the lower level of pay, while criminologists, corrections officers and forensic psychologists make around 40k, police officers and court reporters made around 50k, while government agents tended to make 60k+ in a year. Criminal justice careers are like any career – you get financially rewarded for your hard work and talent.

Generally, government jobs tend to pay a little bit more, as do jobs in the courts. If you have the drive to set yourself up as a consultant in the criminal justice field, you can easily make up to $125 or $150 an hour.

As a criminal justice professional newly entering the marketplace, you need to demonstrate that you’re on top of all the latest technologies. There are many new criminal justice careers just waiting in the wings, mostly related to computer and online security and dealing with cyber-criminals. If you’re still taking classes and you’re interested in both computers and criminal justice, now is an excellent time to combine the two. Particularly in the government field, you could easily find a job as an investigator or analyst specializing in computer-related criminal justice.

Benefits of a Criminal Justice Degree

You will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re doing your part to ensure that the U.S.A. remains the land of the free, home of the brave. Most criminal justice fields contain a strong character of public service, and working one of the many criminal justice careers out there is a way to give back. While the median pay is standard, middle-class and modest, if you work hard you can make upwards of 100k a year. Finally, criminal justice is something that is always required. As long as there are people and as long as they want to live in peace, fields in criminal justice will be hiring. Best of luck with your criminal justice career!